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Featured Services

Water damage specialists can respond to your burst and leaking pipes!
Water damage specialists use the most state of the art equipment to dry out and restore your property!
Water damage specialists can remove and dry out your flooded basement, cellar, or crawlspace!
Water damage specialists can find the source of the water leak, repair your ceiling, and inspect for mold!
Water damage specialists can inspect for and remediate against mold!

Basement Water Removal

Water damage specialists can remove and dry out your flooded basement, cellar, or crawlspace!Basements can flood for many reasons. Water can enter through cracks in basement walls. This happens most often when there are high amounts of water seeping into the ground outside during periods of raining and snow melting.  If your basement collects water frequently, start tracking water patterns and notice where flooding may occur. Sump pumps are a common solution for basement water removal, but identifying the most effective sump pump is critical. A pump that is too large may be forced to work harder resulting in a shorter product life span, while a pump too small may not be able to adequately pump out the water. Call us at 1-215-554-6278 for a service technician to help inspect your basement, help identify the best sump pump for your situation, and provide your free estimate!

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Water Removal & Drying

Water damage specialists use the most powerful pumps and fans to dry out your water damaged rooms!Whether water has collected in your basement, crawl space, attic, or elsewhere, we can remove the water promptly and dry your property with the most efficient equipment! Call 1-215-554-6278 for a service technician to be onsite in 45 minutes or less and to obtain your free estimate!

  • Complete Structural Drying

    Structural drying is an excellent method of drying so you can reduce any risk of mold and get your home or commercial business restored as quickly as possible. Structural drying applies techniques to perform the best and fastest drying for any commercial business or home.  Structural drying often does not require the carpet to be pulled up- saving you costs in carpet replacement and repair! Call 1-215-554-6278 for a no obligation free estimate and to see if complete structural drying is the solution for your situation!

  • Carpet & Area Rug Drying

    A wet carpet can cause many problems. The dampness is perfect for mold and mildew to grow, and it can also cause the fabric of your house to rot.  Although there are several do it yourself drying options available, why take the risk? You can ensure that the job is done correctly by calling 1-215-554-6278 today!

  • Wood Floor Drying

    We providing complete hardwood floor drying to prevent swelling and damaging of floors!Leaks from a water heater or a plumbing problem can damage wood floors. Even small amounts of water left on wood floors can cause wood to swell and eventually become damaged if not properly dried. Patience is required as finished flooring and floor systems do not react and dry out overnight. In some instances, it may take weeks for the flooring to flatten and/or stabilize. Quick action to remove the moisture is the first step to limiting the damage and for successful repair. Call 1-215-554-6278 today!

  • Wall Drying

    Trained and experienced specialists will use only the minimum number of holes to dry out your wall completely, while maintaining its structural integrity.Several structural materials such as drywall and insulation can collect water.  In as little as eight hours, more than six inches of water can collect in porous structural materials that form typical walls.  Prompt drying and dehumidification are key.  Airflow is essential to increasing the rate of evaporation, and trained experts can help increase the airflow inside your walls, drying them and dehumidifying the partitions with minimal wall repair.  Call 1-215-554-6278 now for an expert inspection and free estimate!

  • Kitchen Cabinet Drying & Wet Cabinet Removal

    Drying water damaged kitchen cabinets is less costly than replacing them. Before you decide to replace cabinetry, it is possible to fix water damaged kitchen or vanity sink cabinet bottoms. Of course, this will depend upon the extent of the damage in every case. Call 1-215-554-6278 today for a professional to help determine the best action to take!

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Dehumidification can save property owners, businesses, and insurance companies money in restoration and replacement costs, as well as the costs of downtime and delayed production schedules. Dehumidifiers are capable of reducing high humidity and restoring normal moisture levels quickly.  By extracting water vapor from the air, the rate of evaporation is increased, drying your water damaged property that much sooner. Call 1-215-554-6278 for a free no obligation estimate!

Odor and Mildew Control

Structures damaged by water can develop odors that originate from chemicals released by wet building materials, wet contents, urine from pets, bacteria, and other sources.  The musty, moldy odors in water damaged buildings are compounds produced metabolically active bacteria and fungi. In addition to the odors, mildew can grow on several kinds of surfaces, and can be transported by insects, animals, and air. Call 1-215-554-6278 today to eliminate the unpleasant odor and spread of mildew!

Deodorize and Sanitize

Just because the water may have evaporated on its own, your property may be susceptible to odors, bacteria, and mold.  Professionals can deodorize and sanitize the affected areas, minimizing any health hazards as a result of the water damage.  Call 1-215-554-6278 to speak to a specialist today!

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Carpet Cleaning, Repair, and Stretching

Repairing carpet is more economical than installing new carpet; and we have the experience and knowledge to provide prompt and professional services, as well as new flooring installation when needed. Everything from cigarette burns and paint spills, to water damage and pet stains, can be removed.  Call 1-215-554-6278 to make your home look new again with expert carpet repair and carpet stretching services!

Upholstery Cleaning

Water damage and stains to upholstery doesn't have to be permanent.  Call us today!Sofas, arm chairs and other upholstered furniture receive a lot of attention, especially in a home with children or pets. Although dirt and stains are inevitable in a home, they do not have to be permanent. Experts can remove everything from cigarette burns and paint spills to water damage and pet stains. Call 1-215-554-6278 to make your upholstery look new again!

Debris Removal

We can remove all your water damaged debris!Flood debris and water damaged materials removal is essential to a quick restoration. Professionals can remove damaged property safely and efficiently. Call 1-215-554-6278 to speak to a professional today!

Tile and Air Duct Cleaning

Experts will quickly and efficiently take care of removing the bacteria and dirt that is found in your tile and grout. Once this process is done, your tile will be sealed to give it that brand new look and feel. This will make sure that the dirt and bacteria stay out of your tiles. Besides the collection of bacteria and dirt in your tile, air ducts foster a convenient pathway for airborne contaminants. Standard, throw-away fiberglass filters remove less than 7% of these particles, which means much of the rest settles in your air ducts, and can eventually settle in your lungs. Air duct cleaning can lead to reduction in allergies, minimizing the spread of mold and viruses, and efficient airflow, resulting in better healthier indoor air quality. Have an expert provide this service cost-effectively using the latest technologies. Call 1-215-554-6278 to discuss your needs with an expert today!

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